AAPT AOK Conference Presentations

I have been involved with the American Association of Physics Teachers since I was a member as a young graduate student, what seems like many ages ago. The membership includes physics teachers from all levels, particularly high school through university. I have been a member continually since becoming a teacher in 2006, and have attended all but one of the annual AAPT Arkansas-Oklahoma-Kansas (AOK) section conferences.

On four of those occasions I have taken the opportunity to present something I thought was a relevant contribution to my colleagues (and once I produced a flyer to offer in lieu of a presentation). It’s a bit intimidating to present at a conference, especially when you still feel like a novice teacher, but it is an experience I recommend — nearly all teachers have something they can share.

2010: Initial Observations of Standards Based Grading in a Modeling Classroom
[Presentation location currently unknown; will update when found.]

2012: Standards Based Grading in the High School Physics Classroom

2015: QuarkNet Opportunities: To Fermilab, Greece, and Beyond (Co-presented with Cyndi Ice)

2017:¬†Computational Physics in the High School (or CC / University) Classroom [Flyer Presentation — sharing link to my resources]

2018: Tools for Computational Methods in High School Physics