SensL SiPM Availability for Cosmic Watch

New info: SensL was aquired by ON Semiconductor, and SensL no longer sells products from its site; it is currently not know what this may mean for the special purchase price that had been offered to researchers and students building the MIT Cosmic Watch. The sensor as used in the Cosmic Watch most likely will still be available, but the price may be higher.

I am looking into this to see if the special price or something similar can still be offered to high school teachers and others involved with teaching or learning/project/research. It’s possible that we could get an even better price from ON, being a larger multinational semiconductor corporation — which, if ON Semiconductor is listening, would be fantastic for teachers and students.

Their notice:
Effective on Tuesday October 23, 2018 at 4:00 PM GMT the SensL eStore will no longer accept orders.
Starting Monday October 29, 2018 you will be able to order from a wide range of worldwide distributors.
Please visit this website for the complete list in your region:

AAPT AOK Conference Presentations

I have been involved with the American Association of Physics Teachers since I was a member as a young graduate student, what seems like many ages ago. The membership includes physics teachers from all levels, particularly high school through university. I have been a member continually since becoming a teacher in 2006, and have attended all but one of the annual AAPT Arkansas-Oklahoma-Kansas (AOK) section conferences.

On four of those occasions I have taken the opportunity to present something I thought was a relevant contribution to my colleagues (and once I produced a flyer to offer in lieu of a presentation). It’s a bit intimidating to present at a conference, especially when you still feel like a novice teacher, but it is an experience I recommend — nearly all teachers have something they can share.

2010: Initial Observations of Standards Based Grading in a Modeling Classroom
[Presentation location currently unknown; will update when found.]

2012: Standards Based Grading in the High School Physics Classroom

2015: QuarkNet Opportunities: To Fermilab, Greece, and Beyond (Co-presented with Cyndi Ice)

2017:¬†Computational Physics in the High School (or CC / University) Classroom [Flyer Presentation — sharing link to my resources]

2018: Tools for Computational Methods in High School Physics