All the good physics blog names are taken…

I’ve been threatening to begin a professional physics teaching blog for some time now, something where I can post bigger things than the 140 characters I can post on my twitter account.

I’m in my sixth year of teaching high school physics, and I have taught students from freshmen through seniors in two levels of physics and some other courses.  I am implementing modeling physics and standards based grading in my classroom, both of which I consider to be transformative to my teaching.

I hope to focus my thoughts on teaching, learning, and educational issues through blogging.  The hectic pace of an academic year often leaves too little room for reflection and contemplation, so I am creating a forum where I can post my observations, thoughts, and ideas, and discuss them with colleagues and others.

I have gained so much from reading and participating in other educational blogs that I hope that I can contribute something back to the community.


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